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Volleyball - WTH4100 - AVP Official Leather Game Ball Price $59.00WTH4100 - AVP Official Leather Game Ball

Now called "The Traditional Game Ball of the AVP" this is the ball the AVP used before it went with the international rules. It has 18 hand sewn premium select full-grain leather panels and a two-ply rotationally molded bladder. It is soft, stays round and handles and feels like a beach volleyball should.

Volleyball - WTH5001 - NCAA Official Game BallPrice $38.00WTH5001 - NCAA Official Game Ball

This new ball has the same mechanics as the official AVP ball but with new graphics. It is the official ball of NCAA Sand Volleyball.

Volleyball - WTH4308 - AVP Official Game BallPrice $40.00WTH4308 - AVP Official Game Ball

The official game ball of the AVP. All the Armato balls are gone.

Volleyball - 72-1228 - Official USA Beach Volleyball Composite/King of the BeachPrice $36.0072-1228 - Official USA Beach/King of the Beach Volleyball

The official ball of USA Volleyball. It is the updated version of the old "King of the Beach" ball. It has an all-weather composite cover and a butyl bladder for improved air retention. We compared one of these to one of the Wilson AVP balls. We don't think you will notice enough difference in play that it would take an adjustment.

Volleyball - Mikasa Beach Champ VLS300Price $53.00Mikasa Beach Champ VLS300

The official beach ball of the 2012 Olympics. This ball has a new panel shape. If it is raining or wet, this ball is the one to use. It comes back from getting soaked better than any "real" volleyball we have seen. .